How Legal Sex Work Can Protect a Call Girl and Where to Find Prostitute Jobs in Sydney

Are you new to the Sydney area and considering work as an escort? Maybe you haven’t thought much about this type of work before, or maybe you’ve been concerned that it might be risky or otherwise undesirable. The truth is that legal prostitution offers sex workers many benefits and helps keep them safe. If you’re considering a career in sex work, rest assured that working for a reputable establishment in an area where these jobs are perfectly legal (like Sydney) protects you as well as your clients.

Worker Protections

With legal sex work, women who hold call girl jobs in Sydney enjoy the same protections under the law as any other worker. This eliminates the influence of pimps and madams, which can often be violent and abusive. It also gives sex workers the freedom to advocate for justice and better work conditions without worrying about legal repercussions.

Reduced Incidence of Violence and Health Risks

Without worrying about getting into legal trouble, sex workers are free to seek the help of the police in the case of client or employer violence or threat. In areas where sex work is unlawful, violence is fueled in underground markets, and criminalisation increases the chances of violence at the hands of the police. Threats and violence related to illegality also sometimes discourage sex workers from practicing safe sex. Women with prostitute jobs in Sydney enjoy legal work that helps make the sex industry more consensual and more secure overall.

Protections for Minors and Potential Sex Slaves

Anti-human trafficking efforts are made much easier in a culture of legal sex work. In areas where sex work is illegal, its underground nature increases human trafficking, particularly of minors. Unprotected, non-consensual sex work takes place because criminalisation keeps a lot of trafficking from being reported. Legalisation also lowers the cost of the sex trade, which makes trafficking less attractive financially to pimps.

The Establishment of a Safer Industry

Women in call girl jobs in Sydney work in an industry where workers can pool efforts and collaborate for safer and more effective policies and practices. Sex workers here can vet their clients, insist on safe sex and testing, and take advantage of online resources without fear of being arrested, shut down, or otherwise putting their jobs at risk. They also have safe places to work, rather than being out on the streets where they are physically vulnerable. Legal escort work makes sex work safer for everyone involved.

Finding Safe Prostitute Jobs in Sydney

At Mistys, we believe that consensual, safe sex work helps create a more sex-positive society and protects all parties. We have well-paid positions available for masseuses, dancers, and bikini and lingerie waitresses. We offer caring female management and are always happy to meet students, locals, travellers, and women of all nationalities. Would you like to do what you love and get paid $600 – $1,000 daily to do it? Contact us today to find out how.

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