What It Takes to Land High Class Escort Jobs and Where to Find Work in Sydney

Have you been considering looking for escort work in Sydney? Working as an escort can be gratifying work with good pay and flexible hours – not to mention the fun nature of the job. Just like most jobs, escort work is also demanding, and there are some things you can do to maximise your odds of being successful in your career.

Your Overall Look

Much like modelling, escort work is an industry based strongly on image. Top escorts are pretty, with flawless skin and aesthetically pleasing features. You also need to be able to cater to the client’s preferences to some degree. You should feel free to express your own style and personality, but if a client wants you to wear specific clothing or do your makeup a certain way, you should be flexible and able to pull off various looks. Natural beauty goes a long way in this industry, and too much work can ruin your look (think overdone Botox).

Your Lifestyle

To land suitable escort jobs in Sydney, you need to be in top shape. You don’t need to be a particular height or shape, but you do need to be in perfect physical condition. Whether you’re tall and thin or short and curvy, you should be in the very best shape possible. That means eating carefully, working out faithfully, and avoiding things that affect your appearance, such as partying a lot or letting your weight fluctuate. If you choose to have cosmetic surgery to correct certain features, that’s fine, but the effect should be subtle and natural, not overly noticeable.

Your Education

The ladies who are the most successful at high-class Sydney escort work are educated and can hold intelligent conversations with their clients. A woman who knows how to enjoy music, the theatre, art, and travel will go far in this industry, as these women tend to be more well-rounded and interesting companions. A traditional education is also a necessity; you must be able to speak eloquently, have impeccable manners, and generally be a smart, interesting date your clients will want to see repeatedly. There’s more to attraction than sex!

Your Talent

Having looks and knowledge won’t get you very far if you have no real talent. To be an accomplished escort, you should have some abilities that make you attractive, whether that means sports, music, cooking, extensive knowledge of wine or some other talent you can bring to your dates to make yourself more intriguing. You should be able to discuss your client’s work, no matter what it is, and give genuine, well-thought-out feedback on his thoughts and feelings.

Sydney Escort Jobs at Mistys

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