Dos and Don’ts of Spending Time with High Class Escorts in Sydney, Newtown, or the Inner West

High class escorts in Sydney are beautiful, talented, smart women who love spending time with their clients – but keep in mind that they have the luxury of being discerning about who their clients are. If you want to book appointments with high class escorts and be considered a desirable client, take these dos and don’ts seriously.


When contacting your escort on the phone or in an email, be respectful. A warm, professional email goes a long way; introduce yourself and avoid making crude or sexually suggestive remarks. Be polite just as you would with anyone else you had never met.

The night before your appointment, give the escort’s or agency’s website another read-through to refresh your memory about their policies and preferences. If there are etiquette suggestions, follow them. Going along with all their rules and requests makes the evening go more smoothly for everyone involved and ensures that you won’t find yourself abandoned for being rude or pushy or otherwise inadvertently doing something wrong.

An important thing to remember when dating high class escorts in the Inner West or Newtown areas is that you should know your escort’s limitations and respect them. If she offers one thing but not another, do not pressure her or ask for the thing she doesn’t offer. No matter what reviews might say, your best bet is to respect what you’ve read on her website or ads. It’s okay to ask for something specific you want, but not if her website specifically states that it’s not an option.


When you’re anticipating spending time with escorts in the Newtown or Inner West areas, don’t eat foods that contain a lot of garlic, onions, or other things that might linger on your breath. Also, don’t slather yourself in scent. A touch of cologne is fine, but keep it off your neck, chest, or anywhere else your escort might make contact with her mouth.

Also, don’t try to negotiate when it comes to her fee. An excellent high class escort will have non-negotiable rates, and she’ll be well worth every dollar. Don’t bring drinks, food, or flowers unless you find out ahead of time that it’s okay. While surprises and gifts are nice, you don’t want to cause an awkward situation if she can’t have certain things because of allergies or special dietary needs. And keep in mind that many escorts do not drink alcohol with clients. (Some women love gifts like these, though; if you’d like to bring something, just ask ahead of time.)

Don’t ask you escort for personal information and don’t ask about other escorts she works with – or other clients. Keep the conversation light. Some “getting to know you” questions are fine, but not when they are about her family, co-workers, clients, personal life, and so on.

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