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If you have never hired an escort before, and you’re thinking about making that first call, congratulations! You’re in for some serious fun. There are high class prostitutes in Sydney and Newtown that can make your dreams come true in ways you’ve never imagined. These extraordinary women can be your most intimate and enjoyable adult companions. To develop and maintain a great relationship with your chosen escort(s), it’s good to know some etiquette rules and practice them right from the start.

Do Your Research First

You can save yourself from a bad experience by doing a little research online to find out which escort services are reputable. Look for customer reviews and information about specific escorts as far as their appearance, professionalism, attitude, quality, and types of services. When you have narrowed it down to a prostitute in Sydney you’re interested in, check her website for the information you need such as her preferred method of communication, her available services, her limitations, her rates, and so on. If she offers etiquette suggestions, take them seriously. This is her way of letting you know how she prefers to do business.

Making Initial Contact

When you’re ready to get in touch with one of the many gorgeous Sydney prostitutes, check her website for a contact form. If there is one, fill it out, making sure you provide all requested information. If you leave things out, she may decline to contact you back. If there is a comment section, be careful what you write. Refrain from being rude or sexually suggestive. The same goes for email if that is her preferred method of contact. Be polite and respectful; just say that you would like to make an appointment to see her when you are available and your contact information.

The Date

It isn’t possible to overstate the importance of being clean and well-groomed. Shower right before you arrive (or she arrives at your place). Treat this like you would a traditional date. Do not drink alcohol or partake in recreational drugs before your meeting. Your escort may agree to share a glass of wine with you, but avoid getting drunk. Your home or hotel room should be clean and neat, and a vase of fresh flowers is a nice touch. Be prepared to make small talk for a few minutes as your escort gets comfortable in her surroundings. When she is ready to move forward, she will let you know. Continue to be respectful of her boundaries and do not push her if she says “no” to anything you request. After your time together, it’s nice to send a short email or text thanking your escort for a lovely time; this is a polite gesture and keeps the door open for future meetings. However, do not contact her again after this until you are ready to book another appointment.

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