Sensual Massage Etiquette in Sydney, Newtown, and the Inner West

If you’re considering booking your first sensual massage in Sydney, Newtown, or the Inner West, you probably naturally have some questions about how to proceed. Knowing what to expect and what to say and do can give your confidence a boost and allow you to relax and enjoy the experience more.

Before you ever make your first appointment, do your research. You should have an idea of what you want and choose a place where you can get it. You should also find out how many girls there are, what their operating hours are, and what their rates are. At Mistys, for example, there is a wide variety of models and many different rooms to choose from so that you can get exactly the experience you want. Our hours and rates are clearly posted on our website, and we strive to make each client perfectly comfortable and satisfied with every booking.

What to Do When It’s Time for Your Massage

Be sure to shower so that you are clean and smell nice. These are kind gestures that make your masseuse’s job easier but don’t worry too much – the clear majority of these ladies truly enjoy their work.

When you arrive, make sure that you feel comfortable in your surroundings. At Mistys, we value discretion and a top-notch experience for each client, and it’s our number-one goal for you to have an incredible time. Your model will want to please you, so be upfront about the kind of massage you want, whether you have any special requests, or whatever else you want to discuss.

As you are receiving your massage, simply relax and enjoy it! Your masseuse is guaranteed to be beautiful, sexy, and skilled at what she does. Many clients have questions regarding whether they are allowed to touch their masseuse. The answer is that this is usually up to her. The chemistry between the two of you typically goes a long way, so be polite and personable. Flirting is fine. If you have any questions about what a girl finds acceptable, it’s perfectly okay to ask. She won’t be embarrassed or feel like you put her on the spot; this is her job, and she will make it clear what you can and cannot do. Don’t demand anything that isn’t offered and accept what she says she is and isn’t okay with her. Be respectful of her wishes, and she will return the favour to the best of her ability.

Your Sensual Massage in Newtown, Sydney, or the Inner West at Mistys

When you book your sensual massage in the Inner West, Newtown, or Sydney areas, we want you to have an unforgettable experience with our lovely ladies. We make it our business to set the standard in personal entertainment. We offer 19 different rooms for your enjoyment, each of which is impeccably clean and fully air-conditioned. Our five-star establishment is rated Number One in Sydney, so you can’t go wrong with an erotic massage – complete with the happy ending you desire – given by one of our beautiful and talented girls. Also, ask about our high-class escorts.

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